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Berkeley Surplus

1640 San Pablo Ave

Berkeley, CA 94702

(510) 524.8434

Located just off the ever-popular I-80 between University Ave. and Gilman St. exits

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Monday-Friday 1000-1730

Saturday 1000-1700

Sunday 1200-1600

About Us


Weinstein general store, French Camp, CA., circa 1910


Berkeley Surplus, Berkeley, CA., circa 1999

We have a retail store filled with a wide variety of military clothing from all over the world. This web site is intended to satisfy those of you who are curious about our merchandise. If you see items that you want, call or e-mail us; keep in mind that this is only a very small sample of our inventory. Why military stuff? Because it is well made and affordable, and just right for most every outdoor activity. Besides straight military-issue clothing, we have camo netting, water containers (many sizes large and small), cooking stoves, lanterns, tents, sleeping bags, mosquito netting, backpacks, knapsacks, sunglasses, dog tags, rainwear........not to mention unusual items from around the world and from times past (miner's lamps? ammo cans? "Red Baron" goggles?).

What's your interest? Urban gear? Burning Man? If you like to camp, hunt, or simply are interested ingood quality clothing for a practical lifestyle, check us out.

We believe that everyone benefits from the outdoors, and we would like to help you get there. Supplying the gear you need at a reasonable cost is our way of doing it! (And by the way, we rent equipment also.)

"Just open yourself to the universe"......

 Yes, we have dogtags!

And also, lots and lots of goggles

We've never been to Burning Man, but lots of people who come through the store pick up supplies for their travels there. Here's the place to check it all out;

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Black B.D.U.s

E. German Officer's coat

Urban Camo. Pants

USN Bell-bottoms

B.D.U. Shorts

B.D.U. Pants

B.D.U. Shirt

French Aviation Goggles

Swedish Leather Cartridge Belt


Swiss Army Goggles
Artwork by Daniel Weaver